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Interview with CZP Author Gemma Files at The Write Thing
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Gemma Files, Author of A BOOK OF TONGUES and the Forthcoming Sequel,
Interviewed at
The Write Thing blog!

Gemma: "...But like Chess Pargeter, I’ve certainly–at one time or another–been an angry, selfish person who’s made bad decisions dictated by privileging their own pain far above the pain of others; I’ve loved unwisely, and suffered for it; I’ve been betrayed, and betrayed in turn. And like Ash Rook, too, I’ve believed myself a hypocrite, unworthy of forgiveness; I’ve been arbitrarily given power over other people, and reveled in it; I’ve been afraid of death, as well as being terrified of what might (or might not) come after it.

So though some of the characters in A Book of Tongues represent things I only hope may lie somewhere inside me, all of them contain bits and pieces of things I know damn well do, from a capacity for bad temper, bad language and general bad behaviour to a not-so-sneaky liking for big guys with raspy voices and country goth-folk music… These points of similarity in the face of difference always being the only way any of us can imagine ourselves out of our own skins and into someone else’s, really."


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