Brett Alexander Savory (jack_yoniga) wrote,
Brett Alexander Savory

The Tel Aviv Dossier TPB pre-order info!

Hey, everyone,

We're not officially announcing this until next week, but I wanted readers of this blog to get first wind of it. We're having a 15% off sale right now on pre-orders of the trade paperback of Lavie Tidhar & Nir Yaniv's post-apocalyptic novel, The Tel Aviv Dossier.

From now until June 30th, people who pre-order the book through the CZP website (the only place it's currently available) will get 15% off the cover price. So instead of $17.95, you get it for $15.25, plus shipping. The book will ship July 1st—at which point the sale is over and the full retail price kicks in.

If you're sitting on the fence, we've uploaded the first 40 pages of the novel here:

More information about the book—as well as links to order through PayPal or by cheque or money order—is here:

Be sure to check out the Interlude tab to the left when you click the above link. Fancy!

The pre-order button you'll see is linked directly to PayPal, so you can buy securely through that page. If you'd rather pay by cheque or money order, send me an email and we'll sort that out, no problem. More information about going that route is here:

This is a fun, irreverent, deeply weird post-apocalyptic novel from two of the genre's best writers.

Important Note: Unlike our first two titles, this one—and future CZP books—will not be available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, et al, but only directly through the CZP site and select independent booksellers.

Cheers, folks, and thanks as always for your continued support!

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